Residental Insects and Odour Control 

How to keep insects away from your home without hassle and damage to your health?

Ecomist developed the original Automatic Insect Control concept (fully programmable Dispenser with Natural Insect Killer can) that has been proven time and again in the most demanding environments. It eliminates flying and crawling insects in indoor and semi-enclosed outdoor areas.

Ecomist also offers a number of various products that are aimed to solve the particular problem, such as: clear infestations instantly, target the breeding places (such as drains), create barrier to crawling insects to prevent them invading from outside, and provide you protection while spending time outdoors. 

How to create a clean and fresh environment in your home? 

Freshen up your living space! 

Ecomist offers a one-application fumigation type product to overcome the most stubborn odours, and also Automatic Odour Control System to keep your premises smelling fresh and clean, lighten up with one of 50 fragrances your choice. Our product contains both an odour neutraliser and a fragrance. The odour neutraliser combines with household odour particles, neutralising them and takes them to the floor where they can easily be vacuumed up. 

Ecomist whole range of products for your home 

Insect Control 

  • Automatic Insect Control Starter Pack (Dispenser + Natural Insect Killer can) 250 ml Midi and 650 ml Maxi (24 hour protection from flying and crawling insects)
  • Torpedo (drain foam)
  • Insect Sniper (a highly effective residual insect spray agains crawling insects) 
  • Insect Granade (a single application product for fast and effective relief from insect invasions)
  • BugBullit (personal repellant)

Odour Control 

  • Automatic Odour Control Starter Pack (Dispenser + Fragrance can + batteries) 250 ml Midi and 650 ml Maxi  (24 hour odour control without you needing to do a thing)
  • Odour Bomb (eliminates offensive odour problems with a single application)

Ecomist also offers a range of hygiene products for homes to help you achieve a clean and fresh environment: