Here’s what some of our customers have told us about our products and services

We have been using Ecomist in our equestrian yard and entertaining area now for 3 years. Ecomist is a 'gold' winning product that keeps working. Try it now! Ecomist won’t disappoint you, your horses or your guests! I highly recommend Ecomist.

Stuart Tinney, OAM, Gold Medal Eventer / Equestrian

I use the Ecomist odour bombs in rooms that have been affected by tobacco smoke. This product is very effective as a room neutraliser and it does not leave an overpowering smell. I shut down the room, close the bathroom door (has exhaust) place the Ecomist odour bomb on the table with some newspaper underneath, pop the spray and leave for two hours. Job done, and the room is ready for occupation. Our ozone machines are not getting used anymore due to the ease of use of this product. I would recommend the Ecomist odour bombs to anyone in hospitality as they work for us here at the Macleay.

Michael Culbert, Maintenance Manager 
Macleay Hotel Sydney


Andy (Ecomist Eastern Suburbs) and Ecomist has been our saviour! As we were having trouble with bar flies we called Andy and his team to help. They installed 2 sprays and within two days we were bar fly free! Their product is completely safe and natural and we have never had any problems or complaints since. Ecomist have been so helpful and are always a phone call away. Thank you!!!

Sally Edmondson, 
Coogee Diggers

I would like to thank you for the wonderful service provided by Ecomist at Warilda Conference Centre, Wooloowin, over many years. Warilda Conference Centre was closed on the 30th June, 2012, after operating for 21 years. I found Ecomist products many years ago when trying to find ways to freshen up the old buildings which I inherited to convert into a Conference Centre. I was delighted with your lovely 'Shanel' fragrance which is very much like the «Chanel No. 5» perfume I wear. It did a lot to improve the ambience of the bathrooms. The staff who have attended over the years have been very professional and a pleasure to work with. While I still work for the department in another capacity, I want to thank the businesses who helped make our business the success that it was. Thank you again and best wishes with your business.

Jan Lawrie, Senior Project Officer
of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

To the clever inventors and manufacturer of the Ecomist system. Thank you for a wonderful product that actually does what it is destined to do, and really works in keeping flies and bugs at bay. Your product has kept me sane. At the back of our house we have a large veranda where we congregate when we aren’t being eaten alive by mosquitoes or bothered by the flies, but now, your product allows us to use the area when we like. Your product is truly appreciated and I have recommended it to my friends.

Helen Barry, Minyip, Vic

Ecomist Insect Killer is a fantastic and easy way to rid the house of flies, ants, cockroaches and other insects. The house feels so clean which is great for us and our kids. It works nonstop and we don’t even notice it until it’s time to refill the dispenser. Ecomist insect and odour control are marvellous products and they do work! I used the product in New Zealand for two years and had no flies. Now I am in Australia, where there are more flies — it works here as well.

Alan Corner, Byford, WA

If you seriously don’t want ants, cockroaches and spiders in your house, you might want to consider buying an Ecomist Dispenser. I have had one for the last 7 years and wouldn’t be without it, especially in a hot climate. It dispenses atomised Chrysanthemum extract a natural insecticide, harmless to humans but repellent to any insect. It permeates your home and every insect in it suddenly finds the great outdoors is where they want to be. If after a month or so you notice an ant exploring your territory, you will know the can is empty and install a new refill. I have recommended this system to scores of people and none of them have come back to me regretting the purchase.

Allen Horrell, Oatlands, NSW

I have had a big problem with German cockroaches. I have spent many spent many hundreds of dollars on surface sprays and roach baits. These products never worked! I think they just fed the roaches as the population just became bigger.

I got Ecomist dispenser and initially had it spraying every minute for the first hour. Within the hour there were thousands of dead cockroaches. The dispenser was then turned down to every 7 minutes. Thank you very much Ecomist for this wonderful product.

Kris Finch, Blackett, NSW

I have had an Ecomist for 6 years — in a house in Brisbane with no screens it kept the whole house insect free for four years. In moving to Canberra it again impressed me with the ability to keep flies etc at bay when children left doors open etc. My parents have been using theirs for 10 years and continue to enjoy its efficiency.

Theresa van Gessel, ACT

I have used Ecomist for quite a few years now and have always been happy with their product. I initially brought it because of an ant problem and found that all pests stayed away, including the ants no matter what.

E. Mechkaroff, VIC

Ecomist has been brilliant. We were in Port Hedland and Karratha. No bugs, flies or pesky filthy cockroaches — except when the batteries ran flat.

Joost de Beurs, WA

We were told by a fellow caravan traveller that Ecomist was the best thing they had brought for getting bugs and things away from their caravan. So since we were just starting out with our caravan we brought it. We now have it in our rather large outdoors BBQ area and in the house as well. We haven’t seen an ant, spider or any other creepy crawly in the house since, damn good stuff.

Steven Cornish, VIC

I have been using the E4 indoor unit for years. I am very happy with it. We have had a major problem with ants at our house on the peninsula. I would not be without it and highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

Faye Triantis, VIC

My Mother was nearly driven mad with ants everywhere, but since she has the insect control unit she has not seen one ant in her house. Very happy.

Shirley Turner, QLD

I was introduced to Ecomist products during a stay in New Zealand 6 years ago, and have used your insect repellent in my home ever since. The product has exceeded my expectations, and keeps my home completely pest free, unobtrusively and economically. Thank you for such a great product.

Ian Hawke, NSW

I have been really slack re-ordering the insect spray this time and our whole family can really notice the difference. We are getting eaten alive and I know that as soon as I put the Ecomist in the bugs will disappear. Love it love it!

Angie Russian, QLD

It’s amazing how fast the flies move in once the dispenser is out of action. I don’t think I could live without my Ecomist dispenser (not without going mad anyway)!

Cheryl Kingi, Red Cliffs, Vic