Our Customers

Ecomist provide solutions for Insect Control, Odour Control, Fragrancing and Other Hygiene Services to Homes and Commercial Establishments. Established in 1993 the company is currently serving over 8,000 customers across Australia. On average, our customers stay with us for 8 years due to the quality of our products and services. Find out what our customers say about us.

Benefits for the Customer

  • All aerosols are manufactured in New Zealand and approved by the European Federation for Aerosols.
  • Our perfumes are sourced from France and our range of over 50 fragrances are specially blended to complement mood, impression, colour and décor.
  • Our Natural Insect Killer is derived from Chrysanthemum Daisies grown in Tasmania and East Africa. Completely safe around people, food and pets.
  • State of the art, fully programmable dispensers with solenoid valves eject finer particles which stay airborne longer for greater effect.
  • Enhanced business environments allow for happy customers and staff and improve customer loyalty,
    perceptions of your business and repeat purchases.