Are bad odours driving your customers away?

An Ecomist Representative will visit your premises and conduct a hygiene inspection free of charge, identifying the source of the odour problems and offering advice on best practice hygiene.

Washrooms and Bin Rooms are often a constant source of bad odours and you will need an odour control system that addresses the problem.

State of the art Dispensers with solenoid valves eject ultra fine particles that stay in the air longer for greater effect. The Ecomist odour control system is an effective and easy way to neutralise odours rather than just covering them up.

Unique 2-in-1 formula that combines a fragrance with an odour neutraliser:

  • The odour neutraliser combines with odour particles, neutralising the bad smells
  • The fragrance leaves the room smelling clean and fresh

30 fragrances made from French perfume to choose from. Fragrances created to match mood, impression, colour and décor of your establishment.

Effective against all sorts of odours including cooking, mould, toilet, body, tobacco, paint and pet smells. 

Ecomist technicians will install fully serviced, programmable dispensers and advise you on how to select the appropriate fragrance. Once the systems are installed, we will service them regularly, ensuring the dispensers are operating efficiently and to change the fragrance canister.

If you are looking for the DIY odour control system for your home, please, visit our domestic products page and order online. 

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