Delight your customers and your staff with wonderful aromas

In-Store Fragrancing (Ambient Scent Marketing) is the specific use of aromas and fragrances to create an enticing, comfortable and interesting retail, service or display environment. Fragrancing targets a person’s acute sense of smell by creating an environment that will be remembered long after the shopping experience.

Freud recognised the strong link between odour and human emotions and university studies have shown that customers will stay longer, buy more and have a better perception of your brand and your business if the environment is fragranced.

Ecomist, in conjunction with French Perfumist, Yves Dombrowsky, have developed a range of over 50 fragrances that are specifically designed to match the mood, impression, colour and décor of your establishment. We can even design a signature fragrance that is exclusive to your brand!

Our trained Ecomist Franchisees will visit your premises and discuss the most appropriate fragrance for you. 

Once you have selected your fragrance(s), we will install dispensers, optimising their effect through an understanding of the air flow. Each month (or at an interval of your choosing), we will service the dispensers and change the canisters. You may also want to vary the fragrances from time to time and this can easily be arranged with your local Ecomist Franchise Owner.

If you are looking for the DIY fragrancing options for your home, please, visit our domestic products page and order online. 

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