Home Fragrance

Freshen up your living space 

When we walk into a room, one of the first things we sense is smell! Whilst the interior may look warm and welcoming, a bad odour can make even the most beautiful home unappealing. Food smells, sweaty clothing, pet odour or even pest droppings disturb your environment and your nose.  

Fragrance is the ultimate interior accessory. Like colour, it can make a room feel more inviting, spacious, elegant, relaxing or festive. 

Ecomist has a dual action solution: a fragrance combined with an odour neutraliser. The odour neutraliser combines with odour particles in the air and drops them to the floor where they can be vacuumed up, and the fragrance will leave your room smelling beautiful.

With 30 French fragrances to choose from, Ecomist can help you enhance your environment!

Bad smells can be avoided by these simple steps:

  1. Look for the source/cause of the smell and remove it. 
  2. Use the Ecomist Odour Bomb to clear away any residual smell. This formula is specially designed to target the smelly particles, bind to them, and drop them to the floor. Watch the video on how use the Ecomist odour bomb.
  3. Vacate the room for an hour and then vacuum thoroughly. 
  4. For ongoing fragrancing of the room the Ecomist Automatic Dispenser works 24/7 and you can select from our broad range of 30 French fragrances to transform your room. 
  5. Enjoy a pleasant environment knowing your rooms odour free and smelling beautiful.