A Safe Way to Protect your Home and Business from Insects

October 24, 2018

A Safe Way to Protect your Home and Business from Insects

How to keep insects away from your home or business 

The main component of Ecomist Natural Insect Killer is Pyrethrin. It is one of the safest insecticides known. It has a low toxicity rate, is non-allergic and is approved by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority.

Pyrethrin is a refined version of Pyrethrum which is derived from the flowers of Chrysanthemum Cinerarifolium and possesses a unique combination of insecticidal properties. It contains not one but at least six distinct related insecticidal ingredients called Pyrethrins and these will kill any insects that come into contact with them. Natural Pyrethrin has been used by nature for centuries without a reduction in efficacy.

Natural Pyrethrin degrades in the environment leaving virtually none of the toxin residues that you may find with synthetic products. It has a low mammalian toxicity and will rapidly metabolise if accidentally swallowed. Please, note that while safe for mammals, pyrethrins are relatively toxic to fish and reptiles so make sure you don’t have any fish tanks near your dispenser.

The advantages of using Ecomist Natural Insect Killer with Natural Pyrethrin

  • Safety. Pyrethrin is one of the safest insecticides known. It has a low toxicity rate, is non-allergenic and is approved by government regularitory authorities for use in meat exporting and processing facilities.
  • Biodegradable. Pyrethrin is a plant based product and is easily broken down by sunlight and leaves no residue. It can be used near food preparation areas and is safe to use around people and pets.
  • Flushing action. Disturbs insects so they move out of their hiding places and expose themselves to the Pyrethrin spray. Greater flushing power than any other commercial insecticide.
  • Fast knockdown. Pyrethrin initially causes insects to escape from a threatening area. A rapid paralytic action causes knockdown soon after — often within seconds.
  • Repellency. Pyrethrin is a repellent to insects at very low concentrations, a useful property in the protection of stored grain and other foodstuffs.
  • Broad spectrum. Effective against a wide range of insects and pests.
  • Minimal insect resistance. Very few insects are resistant to Pyrethrin. Each batch of Pyrethrin is different and should an insect develop a resistance to one batch, over time they are effectively controlled by the next batch.
  • Effective against: Flies, Mosquitoes, Ants, Fleas, Sandflies, Spiders, Moths, Silver fish, Cockroaches, Wasps & more.
  • Imitations. Although in recent years there have been several chemical imitations of Pyrethrin, none of these alone combines all the properties of Pyrethrin.

Ecomist Automatic Insect Control System for business 

Ecomist Insect Killer is safe to use around people, food and pets. 

Ecomist developed the original Automatic Insect Control concept that has been proven time and again in the most demanding environments. Our customers include household names in hospitality, rest homes, private hospitals, schools, horticultural enterprises, farms, hotels and motels. 

If insects are a constant problem for your business, Ecomist offers a fully serviced, hassle-free automatic insect control system that repels and kills all insects (flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, ants, moths and others), helping you to improve the service, efficiency and profitability of your business. When our Ecomist staff visit your premises, they install dispensers in the most appropriate places and program them according to your specific needs. Thereafter, they will visit regularly to change the canisters, and ensure the dispensers are clean and operating effectively.

The Ecomist Natural Insect Killer uses natural pyrethrins 

  • Safe around people, food and pets
  • Eliminates flying and crawling insects
  • Ecomist dispensers continuously release small bursts of Natural Pyrethrins at regular intervals
  • The air flow circulates the Pyrethrins which are an effective deterrent for all insects
  • Works indoors and in semi-enclosed outdoor areas

Call us to get a free advice on insect control  1800 243 500

Ecomist Automatic Insect Control System for home

The Ecomist automatic insect control dispenser for the home is safe to use around people, food and pets. The dispenser has a solenoid valve which sprays finer particles that stay in the air longer for greater effect. It is programmable and easy to use: just set and forget for Automatic Insect Control 24 hours a day!
Natural Pyrethrin repels and kills most insects creating an insect free zone. (flies, ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, dust mites, mosquitoes and more)


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