Air Fresheners 

Freshen up your living space 

Keep your premises fresh and clean, get rid of unwanted smells and enjoy the beautiful ambience that the Ecomist fragrance creates. Ecomist Automatic Odour Control System is designed specifically to eliminate bad smells and fragrance the space with one of over 50 high quality fragrances. It's an ultimate solution - just set and forget. It's super easy! 

Remove the smell, instead of just covering it up

The system consists of the programmable Dispenser, can of odour neutraliser (with a fragrance of your choice) and batteries. The Odour Neutraliser combines with unwanted odour particles from sources like cooking, pets, bins to takes them to the floor, where they can easily be vacuumed up. So it's actually removing the smell, instead of just cover it up, like different types of air fresheners do. 

More about Automatic Odour Control

The Ecomist Dispenser was recognised by the Australia and New Zealand Aerosol Associations as the best new product invention in 1997, and has undergone several refinements since then to improve the service we offer our customers.

  • Solenoid Valve. Ultra-fine particles stay in the air for longer.
  • Consistent volume delivery ensures can lasts longer
  • Fully Programmable. Tailor volume and frequency to your exact requirements
  • Sleek Design. Blends into your environment
  • Fully enclosed operating system

The Ecomist Odour Neutralisers are a 2-in-1 product that contains an odour neutraliser and a fragrance. 

  • the Odour Neutraliser combines with odour particles in the air and neutralises them
  • the fragrances are made from French perfumes and is manufactured in New Zealand

Ecomist Franchisees are experts in their trade and can help you select a fragrance that matches the impression, mood, colour and decor of your establishment. 

Our solutions are of the highest quality and are backed by our unique after sales service and guarantees.