Enhance your environment with an Ecomist Fragrance

Scent and memory are linked in the brain. Once fragrance is inhaled through the nose, three areas of your brain are stimulated : the prefrontal cortex, the temporal cortex and the hypothalalmus, all of which are associated with memory.

In-store presentation is critical to retail success. Design, lighting, music and aroma all play important roles in enhancing your store atmosphere.

An investigation into the effect of fragrance on retail customer perceptions conducted by Swinburne University of Technology discovered that fragrance use was definitely linked to increased customer perceptions of merchandise and service quality. Customers stayed longer, returned more frequently and spent more.

Ecomist's sophisticated French Perfumes can quickly evoke a range of emotions and memories with popular scents like warm blueberry muffins, the smell of fresh spring flowers, a cup of freshly brewed coffee, to name just a few.

Use our fragrances in your business to create a unique point of difference and to enhance your brand reputation. They will delight your customers ensuring they stay longer, buy more and improve their perception of your business quality and service.