Our Story

Established in 1993, Ecomist Australia is a leading provider of premium quality hygiene products and services to commercial and residential properties. Our ultimate aim is to improve the businesses of our commercial customers and homes of our domestic customers by enhancing their environments through our unique products and services. We specialize in Fragrancing, Odour Control and Insect Control and believe we offer the best solutions on the market. Our fragrances contain an odour neutraliser that combines with odour particles and effectively neutralises them. Our insect killer is made from natural pyrethrins derived from the Chrysenthemum Daisy and is safe to use around people, food and pets. We supply a range of high quality hygiene products which help our customers achieve best practice hygiene.

The business was started in New Zealand by 2 entrepreneurs who invented the original automatic insect control dispenser and shortly afterwards, teamed up with a French perfumist to develop a range of 30 fragrances to suit any environment. The Ecomist dispenser was recognized by the Australia and New Zealand Aerosol Associations as the best new product invention in 1997, and has undergone several refinements since then to improve the service we offer our customers. Today, our stylish dispensers are fully programmable and have solenoid valves which eject small volumes of fine particles that stay in the air longer for greater effect.


Our 33 franchisees operate across Australia and we cover all metropolitan and most rural areas with our services. As owner-operators, our Franchisees realise their business is only as good as their promise, and they pride themselves on offering the best service in the market.


On average, our customers stay with us over 8 years. The segments we serve include Aged care, Schools, Childcare, Sports clubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Retail shops, Farms and Rural stores.